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Mulder y Scully en 2016

The X-Files is returning to TV in January for a six episode mini-series. For some of us – those who happily embrace the fan term X-Phile – nothing could be more exciting. Mulder and Scully are arguably television’s most iconic duo, and the series is responsible for a few of the medium’s finest hours. That said, The X-Files is not something that you are taught in school and its appreciation is not mandated by the state, so it’s understandable if for some reason – be it traumatic childhood memories or being a jock – you missed the seminal series.

For those of you that fit that designation of X-Files uninitiated but are thinking of catching up before the show returns to its rightful place on Fox’s Sunday night lineup I have a message: DON’T WATCH THE WHOLE SERIES.

TV is different than it was in the 90s, and as much as The X-Files played an important role in opening up the possibility of more ambitious televised storytelling, the show is still beholden to the terrible network practices of the time. Massive episode orders that seem almost comical by today’s conservative standards make The X-Files feel bloated to say the least, and for every amazing episode the show’s creative team produced over nine years of airing, there are about 1.5 bad ones. But fear not, dear reader and intrepid truth seeker: You can come to love The X-Files like the rest of us without subjecting yourself to 202 hours of mostly mediocre TV by focusing on all the best parts.

I have personally winnowed down the entire series of The X-Files into the most essential episodes. If you watch these episodes in the order listed below you will have better than passing knowledge of one of the most important television shows ever aired.

(Note: There are two types of X-Files episode: mythology and monster of the week. I have marked the mythology episodes with an * to distinguish them from the rest, as in a few cases, particularly near the end of the series, their essential status is solely based on their importance to the overall story.)

The first season of The X-Files is a great cultural relic as a whole, but for the most part its 25 episodes range from ironically amusing to vaguely racist and sexist. Still, it can’t be denied that season one has its fair share of legitimate scares and compelling conspiracies. Most of the episodes that made this list are foundational to the show’s mythology, but “Ice” in particular is a perfect example of how even from the beginning The X-Files could tell genuinely suspenseful stand alone episodes.
  1. Pilot *
  2. Deep Throat *
  3. Squeeze
  4. Ice
  5. Fallen Angel*
  6. E.B.E.*
  7. Tooms
  8. The Erlenmeyer Flask*

Season two of The X-Files is notable for its introduction of a number of series staples. The abduction mythology is deepened, series guest star Nicholas Lea is introduced as Alex Krycek, we learn more about the iconic Cigarette Smoking Man and Darin Morgan wrote the first of his legendary episodes (“Humbug”). Also, “The Host” might make you scared of toilets. There is nothing much else worth noting about these ten episodes other than they are excellent, iconic, and were shot around Gillian Anderson’s pregnancy.
  1. Little Green Men*
  2. The Host
  3. Sleepless*
  4. Duane Barry*
  5. Ascension*
  6. One Breath*
  7. Colony*
  8. End Game*
  9. Humbug
  10. Anasazi*

The X-Files’ third season is its best. It contains the series most wonderful episodes: “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose” and “Jose Chung’s ‘From Outer Space’” – the first of which guest stars Peter Boyle and the latter which is widely considered the best episode the show has to offer (and is my vote for best episode of TV, period). The season also introduces the infamous Black Oil, connects the mythology to real life history and features a young Vince Gilligan cutting his teeth in the considerably violent “Pusher.”
It is also worth pointing out that “The Blessing Way,” which guest stars Floyd Red Crow Westerman, introduces Chris Carter’s strange fetishization of Native American mysticism. It will continue to pop up throughout the series, always feeling awkward and colonial, but at least Red Crow is a great on screen presence.
  1. The Blessing Way*
  2. Paper Clip*
  3. Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose
  4. Nisei*
  5. 731*
  6. War of the Coprophages
  7. Piper Maru*
  8. Apocrypha*
  9. Pusher
  10. Jose Chung’s ‘From Outer Space’*
  11. Quagmire
  12. Talitha Cumi*

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Cómo será el regreso de X-Files

Después de muchos rumores y negociaciones, es oficial el regreso de los Expedientes Secretos y esto es lo que tenes que saber

1) Tanto David Duchovny como Gillian Anderson van a estar presentes. Cuando los rumores sobre el regreso de X-Files se hicieron escuchar, lo primero que se preguntó es si sus protagonistas también volvían. En ese momento se dijo que tanto Duchnovny como Anderson estaban muy ocupados con sus nuevos proyectos: él con su primer novela y ella, entre Hannibal y The Fall. Sin embargo la semana pasada se confirmó que Mulder y Scully volverían a la pantalla con sus actores originales, en la piel de los dos detectives sobrenaturales.

2) Será una mini-serie. Aunque todavía no se sabe con certeza cuál será la fecha de estreno, sí trascendió que esta nueva mini-temporada va a contar con un total de seis episodios de 45 minutos de duración. Además se dio a conocer que se conversa con sus guionistas originales para que trabajen sobre estos seis guiones. Entre ellos, hay grandes figuras del mundo de las series: Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad), James Wong (American Horror Story), Howard Gordon (24), Darin Morgan (Fringe) y Alex Gansa (Homeland).

3) Vancouver los vuelve a recibir. Vancouver es el escenario de muchísimas series de televisión (solo por nombrar algunas: Supernatural, The Killing, Arrow, Once Upon A Time, Falling Skies se filmaron allí). Pero la ciudad canadiense volverá a ver en sus calles a los Expedientes-X el próximo verano cuando inicien los rodajes.

4) Chris Carter tira sus pistas. Su creadorno deja de dar indicios sobre qué esperar de este regreso. En una charla con The Daily Beast dijo: "Va a ser honesta con los personajes y con lo que pasó con ellos en el final de la serie y la segunda película". Después agregó: "Lo veo como un corte comercial de 13 años. La buena noticia es que el mundo es un lugar aún más extraño y por eso hoy es el momento perfecto para contar estas seis nuevas historias."

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