lunes, 20 de marzo de 2017

Un par de calzonudos: Sean y Sting

Female Bathers No. 4

This is a piece of genteel erotica which didn't even bother to try to pretend to be a morally-instructive allegory, or an illustration of an incident from ancient history or mythology, etc. (in the way that much other Victorian genteel erotica did). However, there is more "accidental" covering up of naughty bits than in an Austin Powers movie... For an explanation of the apparent obsessive, near trichomaniacal, focus on long thick free-flowing hair, see the discussion on image description page Image:1799-pinup-print-archers-Adam-Buck-unbound-hair.jpg (which is largely valid for 1886 as well as 1799).
Provides some insight into the preferred body-type of the time, where large thighs were apparently considered a positive.
There is a cross-shaped color-registration mark at lower center.