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Storie Viola

Storie Viola fue un cómic antológico del género de ciencia ficción y terror erótico publicado por Ediperiodici de 1985 a 1988 para un total de 28 álbumes más un suplemento. Ha tenido títulos "gemelos" como Storie Blu.

The Theogkoorians are the primary antagonists of the 1986 Italian erotic horror comic "Storie Viola 9: Orrore nelle tenebre" (The Horror in the Darkness). They were created by Dino Simeoni (artist) and Carmelo Gozzo (writer). The lead sister, Sharkana, poses as a magician at a theater in Washington D.C. However, inside of the women's restroom of said theater, is a trap door that sends women down into the depths of Hell. There, the other two Theogkoorians torture her and threaten that her agony will go on for an eternity unless she kills one of the men that they have targeted. The odd behavior of one of these women, the protagonist Beryl, catches the attention of her boyfriend Jason. After witnessing his girlfriend attempt to kill a zookeeper, he investigates the theater and ends up falling into Hell himself. Jason is able to overpower the three villainesses, killing one via impalement, the seconds with a crushed skull, and lastly, Sharkana, who is thrown into Hell's flames.

Hilary Boylds is the protagonist of the 1986 Italian erotic horror comic "Storie Viola 23: Il libro dei supplizi". She was created by Dino Simeoni (artist) and Carmelo Gozzo (writer).

Hilary has plans of becoming rich by seducing and marrying a guy named Clifford. She is enraged, however, after discovering that another girl named Miriam has made her move on him. Not willing to give up her future fortune, she sabotages the breaks on her rival's car with the intention on killing her. What she did not account for, however, was that Clifford would be getting in the car with her. When both of them are killed in the expected crash, Hilary becomes even more angry that his money is now forever out of her grasp.

Hilary decides to just put it all behind her, but becomes disturbed when she starts having frightening nightmares. In them, women from many eras and cultures are shown being raped and slaughtered by demons on a strange planet, while a caped bald woman sadistically looks on. She at first wonders if somehow she's experiencing subconscious remorse for her murders, but quickly realizes that that is silly, otherwise the nightmares would be about Clifford and Miriam. Still, as the nights go on, she does start to wonder if she has been possessed, and decides to seek out an exorcist. After the exorcism has completed, the bald woman from the dreams materializes and kills the professional.

Introducing herself as a Sorceress of Elmauss, the bald woman states that she is a witch who has been trapped inside of Hilary since she was a baby by an alien race known as the Zenqs. She also adds that it was thanks to Hilary's own evilness that she was able to orchestrate her escape. The Elmaussian pulls the protagonist through space and to the very planet that she saw in the dream. It is here that Hilary suffers the same fate as the other girls in the nightmare as the demons rape and butcher her.

  1. Disciplina infernale (Lorenzo Lepori)
  2. L'ultimo Rintocco (Studio Giolitti)
  3. I sacerdoti di Keeialhan (Dino Simeoni)
  4. I demoni di Saturno (Studio Giolitti)
  5. I figli dell'occulto (Roberto Revello/Luciano Milano)
  6. Magia cosmica (Lorenzo Lepori)
  7. L'arcano "potere" (Dino Simeoni)
  8. Strumenti Diabolici (Roberto Revello/Luciano Milano)
  9. Orrore nelle tenebre (Dino Simeoni)
  10. La vergine corrotta (Alberto Castiglioni)
  11. Automazione totale (Emilio Cecchetto)
  12. Il libro dei supplizi (Dino Simeoni)
  13. Il contratto dei Dvils (Alberto Castiglioni)
  14. I tre desideri (Gianni Crivello)
  15. Libidine precoce (Dino Simeoni)
  16. Gli eredi della schiavitú (Francesco Blanc)
  17. Evasione astrale (Studio Montanari)
  18. La belva infernale (Dino Simeoni)
  19. Gli Dei dello Spazio (Gianni Crivello)
  20. Presenze occulte (Francesco Blanc)
  21. L'ultima occasione (Piero Del Prete)
  22. La regina dei leoni (Lorenzo Lepori)
  23. L'orrore nella mente (Dino Simeoni/Piero Del Prete)
  24. Magia sperimentale
  25. Il pifferaio (Emilio Cecchetto/Saverio Micheloni)
  26. Sangue di clorofilla (Fulvio D'amore/Gianni Crivello)
  27. Impulso vitale
  28. I "mostri" della palude (Studio Montanari)




Pig fue una publicación seriada cómica del género grotesco/pornográfico publicada por Ediperiodici de 1983 a 1988 para un total de 64 álbumes.

Cuenta las extrañas aventuras de Mark Raymond, quien fue víctima de un experimento, se convierte en un hombre con cabeza de cerdo cada vez que tiene pensamientos que lo excitan sexualmente. Para revertir el proceso, deberá tener un acto sexual completo, lo que lo llevará a situaciones cada vez más raras y grotescas.

Las portadas son de Enzo Sciotti (#1-25 & #35), Averardo Ciriello (#26-31), Mario Carìa (#32-34, #36-59 & #61-64) y Alfredo Nocerino (#60).


Turistas Hambrientas



Colección de cuadernos donde se narran las espaciales aventuras con altas dosis de erotismo de este personaje (en los varios ejemplares, se le nombra indistintamente como Flash, Flashman, o Flashexman).

Contiene material de origen francés, que se publicó con el nombre de Flashman en revistas eróticas como Sexyman. Cada ejemplar contiene una aventura de Flashexman, junto con otra historia independiente.