martes, 15 de marzo de 2022

Heavy Metal (USA). Volumes 1, 2 3 & 4.

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Sondra Theodore.


It took me a while to realize the CF is a new picture. In the US version one of her hands is propping up her chin. In this version her hands are nowhere near her chin.





What You Never Knew About Sondra Theodore

Sondra Theodore is currently in her mid-60s, and the California native lives and works in her home state as an artist. Theodore hasn't been as open about her current life, likely for good reason: She has had enough publicity based upon an era of her life she'd likely love to leave behind. But on her Instagram account, it appears that Theodore spends some of her time repurposing old furniture and home goods. 

The Cinemaholic has also revealed that Theodore is a mom and grandmother, and that she has plenty of pets at home to boot. In fact, Theodore told Fox News that her children are part of the reason she decided to finally speak out in the documentary, explaining, "I hope my kids can be proud of me for it. I hope they're proud of me for coming forward. They're my salvation." While she admits that her children have encouraged her to move beyond the experience, for Theodore, speaking out in the documentary is part of that process.